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Our Story

Welcome to the original Acapulco Restaurant!

The meals that you enjoy at the Acapulco today are prepared with the same care and attention as the first meals prepared by our mother, Rose Quintero, over 50 years ago. In 1953, Modesto and Rose Quintero, both from Mexico, came to Alameda and started the Acapulco Restaurant. Though in 1953, the Acapulco was just a tiny take-out stand, customers came for one reason: authentic, hearty food for their families, prepared by a neighbor they trusted.

Though our parents and our sister, MarieAnn, are now gone, we continue the tradition that our parents began. All of us - Laurance, Joe, Manuel, Gloria, Monica and Lydia - are involved in the operation of the restaurant. We are joined by our children and grandchildren, many of whom work in the restaurant serving customers, preparing food, or helping with administrative duties.

Many of the employees at Acapulco have been working with us for more than 25 years. Though not Quintero by name, they are a part of our family.

We realize that we are truly blessed to have such wonderful customers and friends. We see and recognize many of you week after week and are so proud and grateful that you feel so welcome in our ‘home’ that you continue to return. And to our new customers, we thank you all for your part in helping us continue the tradition started by our parents. We will always strive to keep our food and service so good that you will
come back often.

The Quintero Family

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